Volunteer with NWRC at Stendhal 2017!


NWRC has partnered with Stendhal 2017, and is offering students the chance to volunteer at this incredible Art & Music Festival in Limavady. Volunteers are required in the run up to the Festival, during the event, and post event.

In addition to the rewards that Stendhal are offering, including free access to the event for the full weekend, NWRC will validate all the volunteering hours worked, as part of the Careers Academy Volunteering Programme. This provides students with a certificate and recognition for their volunteering, which can be used as part of their CV or applications for further study.

The types of tasks that volunteers will be asked to participate in are outlined below. Please note Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age. Certain volunteering roles will only be available to volunteers aged 18+ (we welcome 16 – 17 year olds to volunteer in certain positions)

The Volunteering Award presented to students at the end of the programme will depend on the number of validated hours completed.

Bronze Certificate will be presented to those who complete 15 – 24 hours
Mixture of general stewarding at the event (festival weekend 8-10hours) and post event (12>18 hours) the week after the festival
Silver Certificate will be presented to those who complete 25 – 40 hours
Pre event (volunteers will need to be 18 ideally) 16>20 hours, limited jobs, 8>10hours during the event and post event (12>16 hours)
Gold Certificate will be presented to those who complete 40+ hours
Pre event (volunteers will need to be 18 ideally) 16>20 hours, limited jobs, 6>10hours during the event and post event (12>16 hours)

Pre event:
Painting, Marketing activities (leaflet distribution at other events), Landscaping (gardens area) & other non manual/ safe jobs.

During event:
General stewarding, car parking, possibly helping out in the merchandise stall (running stock) & helping with artist arrivals/ band equipment, etc.

Post event:
Helping to break and tidy the site. 

All volunteers will gain free access to the event for the full weekend and a hot meal on successful completion of a shift. 
There will be a general event after the festival (end of august/ start of Sept) for the whole team inc NWRC volunteers.

Students wishing to participate will be required to sign the Volunteer Agreement form, acknowledging that they are representatives of NWRC for the full duration of their attendance at the Stendhal site (including during the festival) and are expected to adhere to the following code of conduct.  Volunteers will be responsible for all their own travel to and from the Stendhal site at Ballymully, Limavady.


      Code of conduct for volunteers
- Treat the volunteer placement at Stendhal as if it were a professional work placement
- To behave in a manner that represents North West Regional College in the best possible light.
- To report any changes in circumstance to both the Volunteer Development Co-ordinator at Stendhal E.g. if you can no longer attend, let us know with suitable warning.
- To feedback information about the voluntary experience to the staff team at Stendhal if and when requested.
- To be punctual and courteous- To observe the rules, regulations and policies of Stendhal.
- To keep confidentiality when asked.
- To observe all Health & Safety requirements as directed.
- To be aware of the intellectual properties of any work they may do whilst volunteering and ensure that they receive due credit and acknowledgement 
- To adhere to Stendhal’s terms and conditions for volunteering and ticket holders – see here http://www.stendhalfestival.com/tickets.html (NWRC Volunteers are expected to adhere to all these conditions with particular focus on behaviour)